About Us

After knowing each other for more than 30 years, Rina and David Kenton have brought their individual teaching strengths together to create The SAT Compass. The mother and son teaching team combine their knowledge and deep understanding of all the ins and outs of the SAT to give students a one of a kind learning experience.

Rina Kenton, an English teacher for over 30 years, has taught all aspects of English and literature from middle-school through the college level. Rina’s teaching career began in London, England, where she taught English and Theatre in high school. After moving to Arizona in 1999, she joined the faculty of Pardes Jewish Day School. She was integral to the development of the middle school curriculum, and saw the school grow and flourish over twelve years. Rina began to teach SAT students alongside her day job and is an experienced SAT prep teacher. Rina is an expert in all aspects of the reading and writing elements of the SAT.

David Kenton HeadshotDavid Kenton, a math teacher at Arizona School for the Arts, turned his math skills into a private tutoring business venture during his college years. David has worked with students on their math skills in a variety of classes, from 7th grade through senior year. After graduating from Arizona State University, he now teaches Algebra and Geometry, two key components of the SAT, at ASA. David has taught SAT prep courses since 2007 and has extensive knowledge of the math portions of the test.

The Kentons share a philosophy of teaching that creates a unique and engaging learning environment. Waking up early on a Sunday morning to study for three and a half hours may not be every students dream, but this duo finds a way to get the best out of their kids. If their students have a positive attitude, the will to improve, and a goal at the finish line, the Kentons will do everything they can to help them get there.