The Course

The SAT Compass is designed to help you reach your maximum potential on the SAT exam. Many students do not realize that success on this test is not all about the content. Success on the SAT requires an understanding of the strategies required to move your score to where you want it to be. The SAT Compass course combines subject knowledge and specific strategies for each section of the SAT.

The 4-week course is structured to build skills, knowledge, and confidence for all students of all abilities.

  • Each week, students will study  some math, and at least one of the “English” components of the test, and will come away with practical strategies for success.
  • There will be lots of resources, notes and practice material, gathered from many sources, including College Board, all of which are included in the fee for the course.
  • Students will also practice the different sections of the test under timed test conditions, in order to build confidence with timing and learn to deal with the inevitable stress of test conditions.

All that you, the student, needs to bring is an open mind and a willingness to learn. With these new tools, and the help of the SAT Compass teachers, you will be able to take the test with more knowledge, skills, and confidence.