Why Choose The SAT Compass?

Here are five great reasons why you should choose The SAT Compass when preparing to take the SAT:

  1. Two teachers for the price of one! The course is run by specialist teachers for both Math and English, both of whom have the knowledge base for the content learning involved.
  2. Both Rina and David Kenton have a wide experience of teaching students in lots of different situations – in a large classroom, a small group or individually. They will both use teaching strategies which make learning both thorough and fun.
  3. They’ve done it before. This team have been teaching SAT prep together for almost 15 years, and have successfully mentored scores of students through the stresses and strains of SAT prep. Students have successfully maximized their potential in taking the test and are satisfied that they did their personal best on all sections.
  4. You can learn with your friends in a way that’s both relaxed and focused. Rina and David understand what Sunday morning students need to get them through an intensive class.
  5. Everything is prepared for you with our efficient resources. We’ll give you the tips, tests, notes and practice that you need. All you have to bring to your course is a willingness to learn and do your best. After all – it’s you who has your eyes on the prize!